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Company Description:

Lift it... Move it... Safely! They are more than words they are a philosophy and a description of what the worlds’ finest aluminum Gantry and Davit Cranes are and do – light, strong, easy-to-assemble, easy-to-move under load, and safe.

Easily Moved Equipment Inc. is the market leader in the design, manufacture and supply of class leading aluminum maintenance lifting equipment.

eme’s designs make use of the lightweight and strength of aluminum and produce portable equipment that is in the human scale.  Lightweight components means eme equipment can be located in difficult to reach places or where it is necessary to lift and move loads that cannot be easily or safely done with powered material handling equipment.

Lightweight and portable maintenance lifting equipment enables plant staff to maintain critical equipment on a preventative maintenance basis and not wait till it breaks.

Lightweight and portable equipment means less equipment.  One eme Gantry Crane can replace several overhead cranes or monorails.  Adding custom length beams or additional beam trolleys is more cost effective than adding entire overhead cranes.  One eme Davit can do the work of multiple steel davits.  Sockets are less expensive that davits.  eme Davits are portable and can be easily setup in any part of the plant.

Lightweight and portable equipment means buildings can be built to a different standard with the opportunity to save money without having to degrade the quality or longevity of the buildings.  A concrete floor is all that is needed to install an eme Gantry or Davit Crane.  Walls and ceiling structures can be standard wood construction leading to real savings.

eme can supply nine standard Gantry Crane models with custom lift heights and beams available to suit any lifting location. Custom Beams with standard legs and Beam Trolleys means future design changes to plant facilities can be accommodated without needing to replace current maintenance lifting equipment.  Davit Cranes are used widely in water and wastewater plants.  eme supplies ½ and 1 tonne fully portable units with standard or custom lift heights and radius.  Socket styles range from flush mount to 42 in. top and side mount models.  A mixture of sockets styles can be used at a plant or in a region without compromising the performanec of the Davits.

eme is the market leader because maintenance lifting equipment is our business.  

Engineers, plant owners and operators appreciate the fact that eme works with the stake holders.  eme wants to be on your staff but not on your payroll.  Contact eme for an unbiased approach to designing the correct maintenance lifting system.

All eme Davit and Gantry Cranes are load tested before shipping to the customer.  All cranes are supplied with the following documentation:

·        Engineer’s Stamped Drawing

·        Signed Certificate of Test

·        Owner’s Manual

·        10 Year Warranty against Manufacturer’s Defects




Product Information:
eme designed and built a custom 5 tonne capacity aluminum Gantry Crane to service several blowers in an Ontario treatment plant. The Gantry had to be able to clear the piping in the ceiling and yet be tall enough to allow the operators to lift and move the blowers from their concrete pads to a cart. eme Gantry Cranes can be moved under load which in the case of the blowers made it simple to lift and move the blowers in a safe manner.

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